Stock Talk

Over the next few months, I will be sharing information I know about stocks, options, and futures trading right here in this blog. The series will be filed under the Category “Stock Talk”. The topics will initially be basic in nature, but will become increasingly detailed and advanced as we progress; especially if I start to receive good, constructive feedback from followers.

I will start with stocks, then work from there into options, and finally end up with futures. I have quite a bit of information about Forex trading to share if anyone is interested, but only after the first 3 topics listed previously.

No discussion on trading would be complete without talking about support for the trader and the state of mind of the trader while trading. I am NOT a psychologist and I am NOT trained or licensed to give trading advice. However, I do love to teach and educate people on how to become a better trader; one that is consistently profitable and successful.

Good trading,

Randy Lindsey
Your Trading Buddy